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Director Nicholaus Goossen - "Grandma's Boy" (etc)

#pizza (at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria)

#pizza (at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria)

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#Orange (at Whole Foods Market)

#Orange (at Whole Foods Market)

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Call My Name

You dip I dip We dip #dipped #blackandwhite (at The Original Farmers Market)

You dip I dip We dip #dipped #blackandwhite (at The Original Farmers Market)

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Staircases to Nowhere: Making Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ from Howard Berry on Vimeo.

Endorsed by The Kubrick Estate and Warner Brothers - the only modern documentary about The Shining to have this honour! Tweeted about by the British Film Institute and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! This is the oral history story of the making of Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece ‘The Shining’.

In October 2012 we made a 17-minute oral history using five interviews from The Elstree Project, an oral history project designed to record, preserve and share the memories of people who have worked at the studios of Elstree and Borehamwood. In under six months it received over 100,000 hits and was shared on numerous blogs and websites. We weren’t expecting such a response, so when we realised how popular the short was, we looked to see what other content we had in our archive and who else we could ask to interview.

Now we present the full story, at 55-minutes in length, and with contributions from nine crew members who worked on the film and Stanley Kubrick’s widow, Christiane. We believe this is the most in-depth exploration into the making of “The Shining” on film, from the perspective of those who actually worked on the production.

Interviewees are:
Brian Cook - 1st AD
Jan Harlan - Producer
Christiane Kubrick - Wife of Stanley Kubrick
Mick Mason - Camera Technician
Ray Merrin - Post-Production Sound
Doug Milsome - 1st AC and Second Unit Camera
Kelvin Pike - Camera Operator
Ron Punter - Scenic Artist
June Randall - Continuity
Julian Senior - Warner Bros. Publicity

The interviews in this film were recorded over a period of three years, as part of The Elstree Project, and with eight students getting the chance to gain live work experience as part of their undergraduate degree course in Film and Television in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire.

The Elstree Project is a partnership between Howard Berry of the University and Bob Redman and Paul Welsh MBE who run the volunteer group Elstree Screen Heritage. Please consider contributing to the project, by using the “tip jar” feature on this video, and help us make more videos like this.

We would like to thank all of our interviewees, and an extra thanks to Jan Harlan for his help and assistance, as well as Lee Unkrich for his encouragement and assistance with research. We would also like to thank Steven Adams, Associate Dean (Research) and Judy Glasman, Dean, in the School of Creative Arts.

Please share and comment! We would love to hear your thoughts.
And please do visit our website, theelstreeproject.org
We’re also on Facebook: facebook.com/TheElstreeProject
And Twitter: twitter.com/elstreeproject

Breakfast with Nephew Noah (at Rose Cafe & Market)

Breakfast with Nephew Noah (at Rose Cafe & Market)

@bobbyleelive @jokoy #FunFun (at Georgina Neighborhood)

@bobbyleelive @jokoy #FunFun (at Georgina Neighborhood)

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#Monday #Cloudy (at Archstone Venice On Rose)

#Monday #Cloudy (at Archstone Venice On Rose)

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@ivylevan #HangForever

@ivylevan #HangForever

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